My objective

Capture my learning, full stop. At the moment, that’s primarily the programming language Erlang; tomorrow, who knows?

About me

System administrator by profession, occasional programmer by hobby, but trying to find my way into software development as a career.

Why Erlang?

I’ve been trying to teach myself Objective-C because I’m a long-time fan of Apple, and a long-time fan of the C programming language.

(Don’t get me started on C++.)

However, I simply can’t find any interest in client-side code. I’ve been managing and writing server-side code for 20ish years, and today, writing in Objective-C makes by far the most sense if you’re writing iOS or Mac apps.

Enter Erlang. It is nothing like C, but it tickles several of my interests:

And really, it boils down to this: why not Erlang? There are millions of C#, Java, C++ and JavaScript programmers out there, and none of those languages appeal to me.

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