He’s alive!

Not that I think anyone is monitoring this site waiting for an update,1 but yes, I’m alive. I spent a few days working on the chessboard, trying to find my way through various design options, but I decided I really, really need to set it aside to do more reading and studying of other code. I can do it, but why do it badly?

I’ve accomplished what I really need to do: drill some Erlang into my brain and learn the types of questions I need to ask the author in absentia as I read more about it.


I’ve also been heavily distracted by Coursera, which has become something of an obsession. I’m actively enrolled in 3 (shortly to be 5) online classes, and I am registered for 20(?!) more over the next year. So far.

I’ve long wanted/needed to go back and complete my education, and Coursera offers an easy way to:

Take this with a grain of salt, because I’ve just started and I could quickly become disillusioned, but I highly recommend Coursera. It’s like university without the parking and expense.

For stalkers only

If anyone cares, my classes in rough chronological sequence:

Whew. And now it’s time to go watch some lectures; I’m falling behind!

  1. I could use Google Analytics, but I don’t trust Google with any more of my (or your) privacy than I absolutely have to.

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