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Almost exactly 3 years after I started blogging about Erlang and related topics, it’s a bit embarrassing to realize I have just 33 blog posts, and only 6 after 2012. Oops.

This blog launched on Calepin, a Markdown-based blog hosting service, and I kept a backup copy on Scriptogr.am, but both are shutting down this fall. I’m not particularly surprised, as both were (to my knowledge) completely free services.

So I’m moving to Blot, which charges annually, in hopes that it’ll stay for a while. Migrating was more painful than I expected; Markdown isn’t the most standardized language in the world, and several features I took for granted aren’t currently available, but Blot’s founder is responsive, so perhaps someday.

Far more important than the hosting is the content, especially since I suspect I could keep these blog posts on my laptop and lose perhaps 5 hits a month (pure speculation; I really have no idea). Am I willing to get serious about blogging again?

I guess we’ll see.

Personal updates

Last summer I switched roles at Basho from technical evangelism to software engineering. This has been tremendously rewarding; finally I’ve achieved full-time software development, using my favorite language, working from wherever I want. Hard to get better than that.

Also last summer I switched from nondescript small vehicles to a 10-year-old Jeep Wrangler which I’m madly in love with, so don’t be surprised if occasionally something completely off-topic finds its way onto the blog. I created a slightly-too-long movie about one of my early off-roading trips if you’re curious.

And yeah, Coursera has been a bust for me, due strictly to my laziness. I find it too hard to keep up with the coursework, so occasionally now I’ll watch videos on an interesting topic but I have yet to complete a class.

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